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“Occult” means “hidden.” It doesn’t mean “evil” or “Illuminati.” The word occult in its purest form is about the hidden and the unseen. Occult is not “black magick” rituals, nor related to crime. Hezb El Shaitan is occult.


Welcome to the blog of Hezb El Shaitan.

“Hezb El Shaitan” is a term mentioned in the Islamic books to describe the rebel souls, who refuse to bow down. The Devil’s Party started way back in the 2000’s somehow it survived all this time. As the one and only Arabic source on authentic Satanism.

We have gone through many phases. All that time we have protected our legacy and our principles. We remained faithful to the Teachings of Magus Anton LaVey. His 50 years old organization, the Church of Satan. We are in good standing with the current administration led by Magus Peter H. Gilmore.

Due to the sensitivity of the subject, I can’t disclose any details. Still, our “history” speak for itself. We have built this presence from nothing, and we have brought it into existence and kept it going all that time.

Your support has been an integral part of our survival. Even though our enemies conspire against us from dawn until after sunset, we have endured. We have preserved. We will continue to represent a sharp throne to their domain, a nightmare that refuses to fade away.

The Reality of Hezb El Shaitan!

We are the Party of the Devil. We carry the name and play the game. Dancing proudly till dawn. We have nothing to lose.

We are not looking to recruit anyone, nor do we want to spread anything. We are who we are. Some people seek us out of curiosity; some people want to learn more. Most people don’t want to understand us. Nobody’s welcome. If you are a Satanist, this blog is for you and you are welcome. Anyone else can hang out, but in the end, they are just wasting time.

We are explorers of the occult world. Like scientists, we study nature. We delve into the dark side; we drink deeply from the fountain of life. We are full of passion and hungry for mastery. Satanism is a godless religion; it is a religion for the irreligious.

It all boils down to one thing. One thing only. Survival. That’s what all this is “About.” What you put into it, is what you get. We are a Satanic media agency; we just love to party.


If you think you have what, it takes. Stick around. See what we are up to, what we can offer to you. Marvel at our creations, and see real talent in action. Discover the majesty and nobility of the dark side. Experience the life of the Alien Elite.

If you like to see life from a fresh, different perspective, this is for you. We don’t try to proselytize. We don’t to “convince” you of anything, and you don’t have to fear us. We don’t want to “convert” you either.

You are welcome to stay as long as you respect our members and us, and you can enjoy what we’re offering. Maybe you’ll decide to join one day; it is up to you.

It is what it is.

You add this blog to your favorites and check it out every two days. You will discover how deep the rabbit hole goes. You subscribe to our mailing list; you’ll get even more goodies. You are one of us.

You decide to run away and never look back; we won’t blame you. Sometimes the truth can be shocking. You run to your nearest mosque and pray for forgiveness, and forget all about El Hezb. Your choice.

Left or Right? Original or Fake? Real or Fantasy?


We Are in Between.