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Hezb El Shaitan is an infernal portal, business, and lifestyle blog. A Satanic superstar, Hezb El Shaitan discovered Satanism in his early teens since then he has been on an adventurous journey of self-awareness, magic, and and exploring the dark side.

He is the author of the Elixir of Life, a collection of books that reveal his understanding of Satanism. He is also the translator of The Satanic Bible. He founded the Arabic Satanism website which was the first and only authentic Arabic blog on Satanism.

There’s no denominations in Satanism. There are Satanists, and then there are crazy people. Hezb El Shaitan is the first public Satanist with a dedicated blog on the subject. This portal explores the dark realms of life. Life is not always pretty, although, I enjoy the pleasures of life, I don’t take anything for granted. I recognize the inherit Darkness in nature, that I choose to call “Shaitan.”

Satan to me is the dark force of life that premeates the universe, it’s the “glue” that holds the world together. I percieve the world to be of dual nature, with a hidden current between the world, where the real magic is.

Hezb El Shaitan is my true, unchangeable nature, even if I wanted to. It has always been within me since the day I came into this world kicking and screaming. It’s the creative side of me, my sanctuary where I’m shielded from the folly of the human herd. It’s my survival instinct that kept me alive and will keep me alive.

Through Hezb El Shaitan, I can express myself freely, and be who I truly am, a Satanist, the Black Flame that burns fiercly within my very flesh. I’m an explorer of the dark side of life, a pleasure seeking creature in a world of abstinence. I challenge all the customs and norms, and destroy anyone or anything that stands in the way of my happiness and wellbeing.

If you want to learn more about Hezb El Shaitan, keep reading my blog, and even contact me if you feel like it. You’ll find that I’m friendly towards those who are genuinely curious and have no ulterior motives. Don’t waste your time and my time by asking that I change my ways. I respect your freedom to believe whatever you want, and I can only hope that you respect mine. If you don’t, then that is that, and I’m forced to ignore you altogether.

Hezb El Shaitan was founded on Halloween 2009, a small blog that has been opened and closed times and again. Now, that it have matured, and has a strong foundation, there’s little you can do to shut it down. Hezb El Shiatan is a real survivor.

Through Hezb El Shaitan, we’ll come together to share the pleasures of life together, to grow in our magical mastery, to explore the Left Hand Path, free from the bondage of the righteous, we’ll prevail.

Hezb El Shaitan isn’t for all, it’s for a select few who identify with the Black Flame, so if it’s for you, and you feel home, then you’ve found something special. A beacon of sanity in this crazy world.

Our Satanic lifestyle blog is dedicated to everyone who searched for a blog of this type and didn’t find it. As far as I can tell you, there’s nothing similar to this blog nor it was done before. So, remain tuned for more news, and keep an open eye for the progress is ongoing, and many wonderful things come to those who wait.

Hezb El Shaitan is about the occult, lesser and greater magic, fitness, entrepreneruship, food, love and hate, cars, women, money, meditation, lucid dreaming, and a whole lot of indulgences that the Satanist would choose to partake in. It is meant to be a true Satanic Compendium for the Modern Connoisseur.

Hezb El Shaitan reminds you that even when the world is gone to hell, we’ll be the kings and queens of hell.

Hail, Anton Szandor LaVey!
Hail, the Church of Satan!
Hail, Satanism!
Hail, Hezb El Shaitan!
Hail, Thyself!

Last Update: Friday, September 29, 2017.