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Tarot reader, Magician, Father of Lies, Priest of Shaitan, Remote Viewer. Thriving and Living between the two worlds to grow and prosper through my own mind and muscle. The Balance Factor is the foundation of everything else.

How to Become a Satanic Master

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Do you have what it takes to become a Satanic Master? In the first place, do you want to become a Satanic Master? In addition, have you ever wondered what is the difference between you and the president? Given that you’re both human with (arguably) the same brainpower. What does it take from YOU to become [...]

10 Satanic Beliefs to Whet Your Appetite for Satanism

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10 Satanic Beliefs to Whet Your Appetite for Satanism In the first place, Satanism is a religion and philosophy inherently opposing the idea of blind faith. Furthermore, the Satanic Beliefs presented in this article are for your consideration. Test them for yourself. Likewise, if they resonate with you, perfect. If they don’t, move on with your life. [...]

The More Satanic, The Less Self Deceitful

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Hypocritical self deceit is the Cardinal Sin of Satanism. It's the most dangerous Satanic Sin of them all. If you let it, the feelings of guilt will consume you. Albeit, it doesn't have to be that way. Non-Satanic people punish themselves by feeling guilty, and sometimes, by exacting physical pain on themselves. Because that's not how [...]

4 Dangerous Bloodlines of Psychic Vampires Part 2

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In the previous blog post, we’ve introduced the four dangerous bloodlines of psychic vampires. You’ve seen how “invisible” they are and hard to detect. We’ve talked about the first bloodline of them. But in this blog post we’ll take a look at the remaining three types of those vicious vampire clans. Hopefully, you’ll see them for [...]