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Why work in Hezb El Shaitan? The fact that Hezb El Shaitan has survived all these years should tell you something about us. We have stood tall since that fateful night, Halloween 2009. We have challenged the odds and remained “faithful” to our principles. Every time a foolish enemy thought they could bring us down, we have astonished them with our will to survive.

The little before the big knows our history, story, and epic. We are a true historic company, one of a kind, and we extend our hands to any who is thinking of contributing to our legacy. We only require that you are a Satanist who found himself or herself within the pages of The Satanic Bible.

The Benefits of Working in Hezb El Shaitan:

We have grown from a small size business to a medium size business in a couple of years. Our vision is to grow even more, and we know we can do it. Our basic principle is hard work. As a Satanist, you have what it takes. Let us cut to the chance and tell you what you can expect from working with us:

  1. Be warned working in Hezb El Shaitan is not something to be proud of in this stupid world. It is not something to put in your CV. That is one.
  2. However, you can be proud of working in Hezb El Shaitan as a personal dream, something you can tell about to your grandchildren someday.
  3. You will get a decent salary that will allow you the Satanic lifestyle you love.
  4. You can move in and live in our headquarters working closely with our High Priest (me!)
  5. If you choose to stay with my place\company, you get to learn from the best and build your own Satanic Company. However, you will sign a non-competition clause. Meaning, you still work with Hezb El Shaitan as a parent organization.
  6. Beside the salary, place, and Satanic experience. You get to be an “official” part of Hezb El Shaitan. Meaning, you get to join our meetings, rituals, and basically share our lives with you. If you do not understand what this means, this job is not for you.
  7. You will learn the secrets that will accelerate your growth. We do not believe in “careers.” We believe in achievement. We do not care how the outside world define “success.” We define our own success.
  8. In short, you will understand how the world really work, in a way that will propel you forward and in short years, you will achieve your dreams no matter how big.
  9. Finally, working in Hezb El Shaitan is a responsibility that only a Satanist can understand and respect. This may not sound as a benefit, but in our eyes, giving you a piece of the world is a big benefit, but it comes with a responsibility.

What the Hell?

If you are thinking that you can become part of Hezb El Shaitan, do not send your CV. CVs are for idiots. We do not want idiots in our ranks. You know how to reach us. Yes, we are that famous! Do you think that this is something you are ready to do? Do you have the balls\vagina to leave the world of mortal coil and take it to the next (highest) level? We are real, are you?

Hezb El Shaitan begun as an ambitious project and through Our Inner Satanic Might we prevailed. It is something everybody knows exists but shiver when hearing Our Name.

Just the way it is meant to be.