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Welcome to the Official Hezb El Shaitan Website! Here, we discuss Shaitanism. We are members in Hezb El Shaitan. We practice the Shatanic principles and dogma. We don’t recognize any other “shatanic organization.” We are just passionate about Shaitanism. Anything and everything you view here are our opinions and experience. Hezb el Shaitan is a practice and study private, independent group.

We live in a dangerous world, and our society doesn’t understand Shaitanism, so we have to be careful. Our website is not made for mass consumption. We are just reaching out to the few people who identify as Shatanists. We realize that not everybody will enjoy our website. that’s not our objective if you haven’t figured it out on your own already.

Do you feel like the Shatanic religion reflect all or some of your convictions? Then, you will enjoy this website very much. We try to inject Shatanic humor in our Forums to avoid repetition. We do our research, so the information we provide is factual. If you haven’t already read Elixir of Life Vol. I, please do so, it will put many things in context for you.

We are not crazy, we are awake in a world of sleeping drones and zombies. If you think that we should stop, sorry, that won’t happen. Ever. You are welcome to depart and ignore our website, you don’t have to stay. But if you are into Shaitanism (for the right reasons), you’ll miss a lot by skipping on our website.

You see, most of the content you’ll find about Shaitanism is produced by nutty Christian\Muslim conspiracy theorists. We are the complete opposite, we practice what we preach. We are innovators.

Hezb El Shaitan: Real Shaitanism

We just love to think that we bring a fresh and different perspective. Hezb El Shaitan wants the world to understand that Shaitanism is not devil worship or imported from Israel, that we are everywhere. “Yes, but if being a Shatanist is dangerous in your country (Egypt), why not practice it in silence and just be yourself?

The simple answer is that we do whatever the hell we want. But the complex answer is that we don’t want to witness another “Shaitanic Panic” all over again. We already told you that conspiracy theorists produce a lot of “fake news” about Shaitanism. If we “practice in silence,” someone will practice in “public,” and they will probably do it wrong, and cause another Shatanic panic, and that will not fly.

We prefer to clarify those issues ourselves because when someone who finds a reflection of themselves (maybe it’s you!) in Shaitanism, they will find a reliable source of Shaitanic info, and not rely on conspiracy theories to fill in the gaps, get it? Plus, it is one hell of a fun ride, so jump aboard, and dance with Iblis.

Shaitanism: Core Values

We adopt and practice real Shaitanic Values. We champion individualism, secularism, and responsibility to the responsible. No gods nor devils for us, man is just another animal. We value Shaitanic comradeship and realize the importance of networking with other Shaitanic groups, we don’t proselyte. The Devil\Shaitan\Iblis are all symbols for us, not real beings. Therefore, we don’t worship any demonic beings.

Good and Evil are subjective, we are above and beyond good and evil. Everyone is free to pursue their interests as long as they don’t hurt those who don’t wish to be hurt. In short, we follow the Elixir of Life, and you are free to do your own research!

Nothing has ever been remotely similar to Hezb El Shaitan in the Middle East. We are the first to recognize and codify Shaitanism as a working philosophy and body of rituals.

Privacy Policy

We don’t share any of your personal information with third-parties. We do everything we can to protect your identity once you decide to identify with us. However, we encourage you to use an appropriate alias, and never reveal your real identity. It’s up to you, but you can’t take it back once it is known. We strive to create a safe environment for everybody, but some unethical groups are not interested in your well being, so take care.

While we do everything to protect your information, ultimately, it is up to you to safeguard your online presence.

Sometimes, we offer products, share a link, or recommend a service. We review everything before we put it on our website. It is still your responsibility to use your powers of discrimination. Purely, be street smart and remember that even among Shatanists there are those who don’t fully understand Shaitanism.

Because we piss people off by being ourselves, they will try to harm us and hurt our reputation. We are not responsible for any damage done by these parasites. Also, we are not responsible for any communication done in our name. You must use your judgement when it comes to imitators.

Hail Shaitan!

Lastly, we hope you enjoy your time while using our products and services. We are just beginning, and the best is yet to come. If you haven’t already done so, join our newsletter, and follow our posts on social networks.

We welcome questions, inquiries, and other love letters. Clearly, it is a sufficient introduction, but we want you to dive deeper into our world and explore more. We suggest you start with our own “Book of Shadows,” where we cover a wide range of topics from parenting to Greater Magic.

Welcome to Hezb El Shaitan!